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In 1977, Michael Ingbar started doing picture framing out of necessity for MFI Art Company, his San Francisco based corporation. By offering an additional framing option for the artwork he was selling, it in turn helped increase his artwork sales.

In 1981, when he relocated MFI Art Company to New York City’s Flatiron District, he was asked by a very well known architect to frame some of his existing works. Michael agreed to take on the project even though he didn’t really specialize in custom picture framing.

In 1986, MFI Art Company moved downtown to its present location, 568 Broadway, which at the time was known for being the center of New York City’s vibrant art world since many art galleries were located within the same building. Spotting a pent up demand, Michael decided to officially start up a separate division of MFI Art Company specifically geared toward custom picture framing. Thus, Soho Picture Framing was officially born.

As they say, the rest is history!

Since then Soho Picture Framing has done custom picture framing for countless individuals, artists, fine art collectors, art galleries, architects, interior designers, art consultants, corporations, and quite a few famous celebrities.

Our main goal since opening Soho Picture Framing has always been to provide local and worldwide framing clients with warm and knowledgeable customer service.

Soho Picture Framing has the largest and widest selections of custom framing options available in New York City. Custom frames are available for all budgets – from classic black and white wood frames to handmade 24 karat gold leaf.

At Soho Picture Framing, we always take the time to educate clients about proper archival custom picture framing techniques. In addition, we guide clients through the sometimes overwhelming process of choosing the perfect custom frame for their artwork.

Yes, there are definitely cheaper custom frame shops in New York City than Soho Picture Framing. It isn’t common knowledge, but in the custom framing business, clients get exactly what they pay for. Unfortunately, a lot of times cheap framing costs equal bad customer service and substandard workmanship using inferior non-archival materials that will not stand the test of time. We hear horror stories all the time from new clients who had cheap framing done and now have to get their works properly reframed for the second time.

Why not do things right the first time instead of risking potential damage to your precious artwork?

Unlike most other frame shops, Soho Picture Framing does all custom framing on the premises utilizing highly skilled professional framers with decades of experience in handling all types of fine art. Any artwork that clients entrust to Soho Picture Framing is always custom framed using the best archival materials and museum level quality techniques. These methods will protect the custom framed fine art so that it can be enjoyed for many generations to come!

Also unlike other frame shops, we have experience and the necessary trust to work with artists, art galleries, and companies from other states, provinces, and countries throughout the world who have clients in New York City and need custom framing. Artwork is sent to us from all over the world and we coordinate the entire custom framing process, including delivery and installation if needed.

At Soho Picture Framing, we will never compromise or apologize for our laser focus on maintaining extremely high standards of quality while delivering exceptional customer service!

The superior level of excellence we offer is what all our custom framing clients have come to expect. We always aim to meet and exceed those already lofty expectations!

We guarantee that any and all works of art left with us will be treated with the utmost respect and care that they deserve.

So why not take your custom framing to the next level with the experts at Soho Picture Framing?

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Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars customer reviews
Five stars!…Many good experiences with this company. Highly recommended.
— Boris M, Toronto, Canada
...It was refreshing to go to a place where people care so much about the process and the product...If you want anything of value framed, do not look elsewhere.
— Emma G, New York, NY
This place is amazing…They make the whole experience painless and the finished product is very professional. Highly recommend them and the shop is so cool!
— Mo C, Houston, TX
Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars customer reviews