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Soho Picture Framing location - 568 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Soho Picture Framing
568 Broadway, Basement
New York, NY 10012

(212) 431-5600


Appointments recommended!
Monday - Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sunday & evenings: By special appointment only

N/R to Prince Street
B/D/F/M to Broadway-Lafayette St.,
6 to either Bleecker Street or Spring St.

Soho Picture Framing does not have a street level storefront! Instead, we are tucked away in the lower level of 568 Broadway, an office building on the Northeast corner of Broadway and Prince Street in Soho. For landmarks, look for Bliss Spa or ZocDoc signs. Sign in with security, bear right, and either take the stairs going down one flight or the elevators down to the B level. Handicap accessible ramp available from the elevator.

If you have large oversize artwork that requires a freight elevator, it is located at 108 Crosby St., in the rear of the building. Sign in with security and take the elevator down to the B level. Turn right and walk straight down the long hallway through the swinging door. We are on the left side.

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Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars
I absolutely loved this place…They worked with me forever to find the exact frame, glass and mat that would look just right.  They are patient, efficient and very friendly.
— Leslie R, New York, NY
Amazing customer service…super helpful and knowledgeable. Will definitely frame with them again!
— Lindsay D, San Francisco, CA
Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars


Soho Picture Framing shop interior
Soho Picture Framing framer at work
Soho Picture Framing frames ready for assembly
Soho Picture Framing frame sample display

Since opening Soho Picture Framing in New York City in 1986, our main goal has always been to provide local and worldwide framing clients with warm and knowledgeable customer service.

Soho Picture Framing has one of the largest and widest selections of custom framing options available in Soho and New York City. Custom frames are available for all budgets – from classic black and white wood frames to handmade 24 karat gold leaf.

At Soho Picture Framing, we always take the time to educate clients about proper archival custom picture framing techniques. In addition, we guide clients through the sometimes overwhelming process of choosing the perfect custom frame for their artwork.

Yes, there are definitely cheaper custom frame shops in New York City than Soho Picture Framing. It isn’t common knowledge, but in the custom framing business, clients get exactly what they pay for. Unfortunately, a lot of times cheap framing costs equal bad customer service and substandard workmanship using inferior non-archival materials that will not stand the test of time. We hear horror stories all the time from new clients who had cheap framing done and now have to get their works properly reframed for the second time.

Why not do things right the first time instead of risking potential damage to your precious artwork?

Unlike most other frame shops, Soho Picture Framing does all custom framing on the premises utilizing highly skilled professional framers with decades of experience in handling all types of fine art. Any artwork that clients entrust to Soho Picture Framing is always custom framed using the best archival materials and museum level quality techniques. These methods will protect the custom framed fine art so that it can be enjoyed for many generations to come!

Also unlike other frame shops, we have experience and the necessary trust to work with artists, art galleries, and companies from other states, provinces, and countries throughout the world who have clients in New York City and need custom framing. Artwork is sent to us from all over the world and we coordinate the entire custom framing process, including delivery and installation if needed.

At Soho Picture Framing, we will never compromise or apologize for our laser focus on maintaining extremely high standards of quality while delivering exceptional customer service!

The superior level of excellence we offer is what all our custom framing clients have come to expect. We always aim to meet and exceed those already lofty expectations!

We guarantee that any and all works of art left with us will be treated with the utmost respect and care that they deserve.

So why not take your custom framing to the next level with the experts at Soho Picture Framing?


No custom framing project
is too large or difficult!
(212) 431-5600

Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars
Five stars!…Many good experiences with this company. Highly recommended.
— Boris M, Toronto, Canada
...It was refreshing to go to a place where people care so much about the process and the product...If you want anything of value framed, do not look elsewhere.
— Emma G, New York, NY
This place is amazing…They make the whole experience painless and the finished product is very professional. Highly recommend them and the shop is so cool!
— Mo C, Houston, TX
Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars


Soho Picture Framing framers handling fine art


We are more than happy to have one of our experienced Soho Picture Framing staff come by a corporate office or living space in the imediate Soho area to discuss custom framing options before any artwork is brought over to our frame shop.


We pick up and deliver small to medium sized artwork within a three block radius of Soho Picture Framing at no charge. Our staff is very well trained in proper art handling techniques - all artwork is safe in our capable hands! For larger fine art pieces, multi-orders, or locations outside the immediate three block radius, we can recommend messenger or art handling services that clients can use to schedule artwork pickup and deliveries to and from Soho Picture Framing. While we have limited staff availability, in certain circumstances we can make artwork pickup and deliveries ourselves for an additional charge based on distance, quantity, size of the artwork, and turnaround time.


Same day, overnight, and two day rush custom framing services are available. Additional rush charges apply based on staff availability, turnaround time, and number of other projects being worked on at the same time.


We have experience working with artists, art galleries, and companies from other states, provinces, and countries throughout the world who have clients in New York City and trust us to handle custom framing. Artwork can be sent to our shop from all over the world and we will coordinate the entire custom framing process from start to finish. If needed, we can also take care of delivery and installation as well. Our goal is to take the hassle out of the entire process!


At Soho Picture Framing, we advise and guide our clients on the most appropriate custom framing design choices that work best for both individual preference and for the artwork - and still be within the predetermined framing budget.


The framers at Soho Picture Framing are well versed in the most up to date conservation framing techniques and can provide fully reversible custom framing solutions. In addition to archival mats and glass, we only use acid-free backing and mounting to ensure the full conservation and protection of client’s artwork.

If necessary, the framers custom build wood strainers for additional frame support for larger artworks.

If there is even the slightest chance that the artwork being framed might touch the glass or plexiglass surface due to a mat not being used, we always recommend using custom built separation spacers made from mat board, wood, foam core, or plastic. This prevents long term damage from humidity or temperature changes, especially for more valuable or precious artworks.


At Soho Picture Framing, our highly experienced and dedicated custom picture framers work with clients in selecting the perfect frame to enhance and protect their artwork. Thousands of wood and metal frames are available in all shapes and sizes to accommodate every client’s custom framing vision and budget, no matter how basic or complicated. Many types of wood are available such as: cherry, maple, ash, walnut, ebony, mahogany, and oak with options for natural, stained, and painted finishes. Soho Picture Framing also carries a wide variety of finished corner splined wood frames as well as handmade, hand finished museum quality level custom frames layered with thin sheets of 24 karat gold, white gold, and precious metal leaf. Metal frames in every color imaginable are available, including a very unique line of welded steel frames that are a great conversation piece.


The professional framers at Soho Picture Framing have experience working with specialty frames such as plexiglass acrylic box frames, frameless plexiglass acrylic standoffs, shadowbox frames, and floater frames.


Museum quality archival mats are available in a wide range of thicknesses, colors, and hand-wrapped fabrics. We have the necessary skills and equipment for cutting basic single and multi opening mats as well as more complicated specialty mats such as circle, oval, heart shaped or uneven multi corner ones of different shapes and sizes.


Soho Picture Framing offers many types of glass and acrylic plexiglass to protect artwork from getting damaged by dust, dirt, improper handling, insects, and ultraviolet sunlight. We carry a full range of regular, UV, OP-3, anti-reflective, and museum level quality glass and acrylic plexiglass. We can also replace damaged glass or plexiglass for existing custom frames.


Our custom framing staff has experience stretching almost any size canvas onto either traditional wood stretcher bars or incredibly sturdy aluminum/wood combinations. Custom canvas stretching options such as gallery wraps are also available.


The custom framers can re-hinge fallen prints within existing frames, de-fit previously framed artwork, and professionally prepare fine art for storage, moving, local or overseas shipping, and/or travel.


If an existing custom frame is in need of cosmetic restoration, we will do our best to make it look as close to new as is realistically possible. If it is an antique or gold leaf custom frame that is in need of more extensive restoration, we refer our clients to very experienced frame restorers who specialize in this type of work.


In general, if a client’s artwork needs more extensive restoration or conservation, we refer them to very experienced restorers and conservators. Once restoration has been completed and the client brings the artwork back to us, we can start the custom framing process.


We work with knowledgeable and trustworthy outside vendors for printing, dry mounting, and metal plaque engraving services.


Once an artwork is custom framed and is ready to be professionally installed, we work with experienced picture hangers and mirror installers who can assist with placement and installation of any number of artworks in a home, corporate office, or gallery space. Please visit our sister site, Soho Picture Hanging for more details or request a quote.


Since Soho Picture Framing is located within an office building, there is the benefit of an extra layer of 24/7 security protecting the premises at all times. We are fully insured so all artworks left with us are always protected.


Do you have blank walls in your residential or corporate office space? Our staff can help you find the perfect fine art that fits your style and budget. Please visit our sister site, MFI Art Company for more information.


Have a large custom framing project?
No problem!
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Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars
The work of Soho Picture Framing is exceptional.
The team is great, very professional…my advice is to work with Soho Picture Framing.
— Franck, G, Nice, France
Love this place! They did an amazing job framing a piece of art I had been waiting forever to get done…I couldn’t be happier :)
— Bea V, Bronx, NY
Excellent work and even better service. The owner made sure I was 100% satisfied. I highly recommend to anyone who needs framing done right.
— Erik K, San Francisco, CA
Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars


Soho Picture Framing designer discussing fine art custom framing

Throughout the many decades that Soho Picture Framing has been in business, our professional picture framers have expertly framed all types of artwork:


• Children’s priceless artwork, irreplaceable historical family heirlooms
• Fine art prints, illustrations, vintage photographs, etchings, lithographs, antique maps, mixed media, woodcuts
• Engravings, serigraphs, silkscreens, postcards
• Artworks on paper (watercolor, acrylic, gouache, drawing, pen/brush and ink, tempera, etc.)
• Japanese Ukioe prints, Chinese calligraphy, Indian Ramayana drawings, tapestries
• Islamic and Persian art, manuscripts, Cambodian artwork
• Oil and acrylic fine art paintings on canvas
• Sports jerseys (hockey, soccer, rugby, baseball, football, etc.) T shirts, cycling shirts, kimonos, fashion displays
• Certificates, awards (Emmy, Oscar, Tony, PGA, Palm D’Or, etc.) diplomas, ketubahs, birth announcements

• Patents, invitations, signs
• Posters, poetry, magazine covers, advertising, press releases, publicity, newspaper and magazine articles
• Wedding, family, baby, office, group photographs
• Vinyl records, CD’s, music sheets
• Music, movie, celebrity, political, election, presidential memorabilia
• Comic books, graphic novels
• Animation cels, film strips, stereoscopic cards
• Televisions, computer monitors, video displays
• Statues, sculpture, figurines, paint boxes, golf balls, medals
• Sonograms
• Mirrors of all shapes and sizes

And much, much more!


If it can be custom framed,
Soho Picture Framing can frame it!

(212) 431-5600

Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars
We needed three photos framed urgently…It was a bit of a gamble to arrange from overseas in a really short time frame...I would absolutely recommend Soho Picture [Framing] to anyone who needs a job done in New York, regardless of where you are located.
— Karin M, Australia
I called Soho Picture Framing to mount some framed press for our company and got same day service that was both prompt and professional. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
— Jenna L, Manhattan, NY
The quality of the products are breathtaking. The team is highly skilled the service speedy and the whole experience of dealing with the [Soho Picture Framing] team is second to none.
— Josie J, London, UK
Soho Picture Framing 5 gold stars


MFI Art Company Inc Fine Art Consulting Artwork Installation

MFI Art Company is the parent company of Soho Picture Framing, Michael Ingbar Gallery, and Soho Picture Hanging. It has been involved with fine art consulting in New York City since 1977. Clients who utilize MFI Art Company’s fine art consulting expertise range from individuals to small startup businesses to major multinational corporations. Since MFI Art Company has developed many relationship within both the New York City and international art markets, it can introduce prospective clients to a huge variety of fine artwork in many different styles and mediums that would work best within a residential or corporate space.

For further details about what MFI Art Company can offer, please visit MFI Art Company or contact Anita Colon, Corporate Fine Art Consultant at (212) 334-1100 or