Our clients often ask how they can best protect their custom framing investment after they pick up their framed art from Soho Picture Framing. Below, please find the most frequently asked questions about caring for your framed art.  However, if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to email or call!

When transporting your framed work, always lift the picture from the two sides, the bottom, or the wire. Be careful not to lift from the top edge of the frame as this may cause the top rail of the molding to bend and the glass to crack. Avoid touching the glass or plexiglass during moving.

A specific note about works on paper: during framing, the artwork is often delicately attached to the top of the mat using lightweight hinges. This allows the paper to naturally expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes. If the artwork appears to be wrinkled or warped, do not be alarmed! This is not a mistake or sloppiness by the framer. This framing technique is typical of museum quality conservation framing and is actually protecting your artwork by allowing the work on paper to breathe. Due to the hinging, be especially careful to keep your framed work on paper upright at all times as the hinges may loosen and cause the art to fall within the frame.

Our experienced framers can advise you which hanging and installation method is appropriate for your particular piece. We usually recommend hanging your work so that the center of the image is between 60” and 63” from the floor, which is considered museum standard for eye-level. This may vary according to what feels right in your space, especially if the work is very large or if you have particularly high or low ceilings. If you need professional installation, hanging assistance, or artwork placement advice for your home, corporate office, or art gallery, feel free and check out Soho Picture Hanging, our sister company.
If possible, framed works should be stored upright. If you are storing multiple framed artworks together, each work should either be separated with cardboard or foam in between them or by placing the frames face to face and back to back.
Believe it or not, glass cleaner is not the best option for cleaning the glass or plexiglass on your frame! For all types of glass, plain water or a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol is sufficient. For plexiglass, use only plexiglass cleaner or a small amount of mild dish soap mixed with water and a soft non-abrasive cloth. Do not spray directly onto the glass or plexiglass because the cleaning solution may seep in through the edges and damage the mat, frame or artwork. Instead, we recommend spraying a soft cloth or paper towel with your cleaning solution before applying it to the glass or plexiglass.
Over time, dirt, dust, stains and a general darkening of the varnish can take a wonderful painting and make it appear dark and gloomy. Other than the occasional delicate dusting, paintings should be cleaned professionally. We would be happy to make a recommendation!!




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