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  The MFI Art Company Inc. is a New York art consulting firm with clients ranging from small businesses to major multinational corporations. Our residential division provides in-home personal service. Since 1977, MFI has provided artwork and services to well over 2200 clients.

Starting in California in November of 1977, MFI Art was one of the first companies in the nation to specialize in finding artwork for corporations.

Expanding to New York City on East 20th Street in 1981, we began to assist corporate clients throughout the entire United States.
  In 1986, we moved to our current location in Soho. At that time we also opened Soho Picture Framing, serving many collectors, galleries, museums and the general public.

Concurrently, the Michael Ingbar Gallery was established. Focusing primarily on locating new artists for its ever-growing corporate and private collectors, we showed landscape, abstract, sculpture and fiber art. In 1992, finding that there was a lack of artwork depicting New York City and a growing demand to locate New York City art, the Gallery changed its focus and became known as the Michael Ingbar Gallery. Presently, we have the largest registry of artists whose work depicts New York City imagery. We are often called upon by museums such as The New York Historical Society and the Hunter Museum, to loan works and collaborate on their exhibitions.
The Michael Ingbar Gallery has always been a useful resource for MFI Art, but most often we rely on other resources for our clients. For over thirty years we have established and maintained working relationships with well over 1250 artists, galleries, publishers, and private art dealers.

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